New Forum Members - Forum Account Activation Instructions

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New Forum Members - Forum Account Activation Instructions

Postby scottown » 03 Jul 2012, 23:06

Welcome to The Scott Owners' Club Ltd Web Forum. Please feel free to register and start talking about Scotts.

If you want to create a forum account then click the 'Register' button in the Board Index area and enter the required information when prompted. You will also need to read the rest of this message to understand what will happen next...

Due to the potentially huge volumes of spam and unsolicited content we have to verify every forum registration. Hopefully the following will help you on the first steps to activating your account.......

- Once you have registered your account on the forum the Forum admins will be notified. BUT we will not immediately activate your account.

- You *MUST* now send an email to from the email address you have registered. State the username you registered under. We will verify *both* the email address, username and your name. Only then will your account be approached for registration and this will set you up to post in the Open Forum Area...

- If you are a member of the SOC then please include your current Membership number in the above email and you will also be given access to the Members' Forum Area.

- If you don't send the follow-up email within 30-days, your newly registered account could be removed and you might need to go through this process again.

- If you have tried to register a name that is a bunch of random characters that do not make sense we will not allow the registration and the account will be deleted.

For more details on what's involved in registering with a forum like ours you might find the following pages useful

This website is run by volunteers who have a number of other commitments, we'll make every effort to respond to your registration request but it can sometimes take a few days so your patience is appreciated.

Best Regards,

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