Unexpected Scott Owner needs valuation.

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Unexpected Scott Owner needs valuation.

Postby Fred Groves » 28 Aug 2012, 22:09

My Father-in-law was a classic bike enthusiast and over the years got himself a small collection. Unfortunately he passed away recently and the bikes have been inherited by my wife. Amongst the collection is a Scott Flying Squirrel (1930), 498cc, 2 speed, in good condition and road worthy. However neither my wife or I have the knowledge to maintain such a splendid looking machine. We have been approached by the previous owner who sold the bike about 10 years ago, but has always regretted it. Although I would like to reunite both man and bike I have no idea of it's worth. Can anyone help with how I go about getting the bike valued?
Fred Groves
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Re: Unexpected Scott Owner needs valuation.

Postby Ian Parsons » 29 Aug 2012, 07:55

You are a lucky person as these late 2 Speeders are very pleasant bikes to ride. I have one so I know! The Scott Owners' Club does not give valuations due to possible legal complications should the bike not actually be what it appears. This applies to its condition as well as its provenance. Having said that most owners have an idea what their bike is worth within about £1500 so it is often a good idea to get other owners to give an estimate. The other alternative is to get a valuation from an auction company but this will cost and may be no more accurate.

If you wish you may contact me at registrar@scottownersclub.org
Ian Parsons
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Re: Unexpected Scott Owner needs valuation.

Postby BRIAN MARSHALL » 25 Sep 2012, 11:18

Hi Ian,
I've only just come across this posting, and it puzzled me a bit as the two-speed Flying Squirrel was only listed for the 1926 'season', and I wonder if the bike is actually a misidentified three-speed Flyer.... Or maybe it is actually a Super....
Just a thought.
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Re: Unexpected Scott Owner needs valuation.

Postby Dripfeed » 04 Dec 2012, 21:31

Hello Fred if you could post a couple of photographs on here knowledgable members ( Brian) would no doubt identify the model. Seasons greetings D F.
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