Clutch cable fouling flywheel

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Clutch cable fouling flywheel

Postby garnethb » 29 Oct 2015, 04:25

On my 1949 Squirrel the clutch cable has to be routed to miss the flywheel which is directly in front of where the cable exits from the clutch arm.
I would welcome suggestions as to the best way to divert the cable as my efforts to date have had little success
Was a cable deflector fitted originally?
Garnet Beresford
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Re: Clutch cable fouling flywheel

Postby PaulR » 30 Oct 2015, 09:19

Re route the cable to come in from the back of the gearbox. Next to the mudguard, reversing the nipple connection.

You may need to make a longer cable. Regards
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Re: Clutch cable fouling flywheel

Postby BRIAN MARSHALL » 30 Oct 2015, 18:46

On the 'candlestick' alloy crankcase spacer there should be a looped screw attachment. This is for guiding the clutch cable away from the flywheel and chains. Fasten the cable to it with a couple of turns of wire rather than passing the cable through the loop.
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