Why is personal messaging disabled

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Why is personal messaging disabled

Postby Erik » 31 Jul 2007, 08:47

Hi Paul,

Could you tell me why personal messaging is disabled on this board?

You now have to post your email on the board when you want to communicate directly with another member. And posting your email adress is just bait for spammers!


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Postby Paul W » 01 Aug 2007, 22:24

Hi Erik,

I'm always happy to receive suggestions................ you're the first person who's asked for this !

The reason it wasn't enabled was to keep things as simple as possible for users when we migrated from the old, but very basic, message board (where there was no such thing as individual accounts etc.).

If there's some demand for personal messaging then i'm happy to enable it and see how it goes (subject to there being no unforseen side effects with the hosting server or user problems). I've set up a vote to gauge interest (there's a brief description of the private message feature below).

Best Regards,


The private message feature allows you to send a personal message to someone's discussion board account. The message is held in the recipient's discussion board inbox until the recipient logs on to read it.

Use this feature for example to keep your message private on a computer that is monitored, shared with someone, or in a public place. The message never downloads to your computer - it resides on your discussion board account which only you have access to. There is an option in your registration setup that allows you to be notified by email when someone has sent a private message to you. The actual message is not sent, rather a notice is sent that you have a private message in your account waiting to be read.

You can save or delete any personal messages sent to your discussion board inbox just as you can with your email program.
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