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lewis onions

Good afternoon Stuart.

I am pleased that you now have access to the forum following our exchange of emails this morning and that you have had no difficulty in posting photographs.

I suggest that the first step is to identify the model you have by asking Ian Parsons to check the records in the club archive. I saw this bike when it was for sale on ebay but I cannot recall all of the details which were evident from the photographs posted as part of the listing. The tank is painted correctly for a 1929/30 Flying Squirrel of which there were two main varieties – Tourer and De Luxe. The Tourer used a Webb rear hub and the De Luxe an Enfield cush hub. I think what you have is a Webb rear hub but I am not sure, the brake-arm mechanism is very unfamiliar. Another difference between the models was the type of front forks – Tourers used Webb middle-weight forks and the De Luxe Scott’s own design of fork.

The Scott catalogues have not been digitised and uploaded to the members area of this site at present but if you contact the club archivist,Dave Bushell, he should be able to copy the 1929 catalogue to you which should include the wheel and tyre dimensions. Have a look at the Scott Technicalities site which also has detailed descriptions of each of the models (www.scotttechnicalities.com.au)

The engine number you have quoted is for a 497 cc short stroke from (I believe) 1927. Many Scotts have had engine replacements over the years.

The radiator has been re-cored or is a later replacement.The original would have been a honeycomb-type consisting of many small tubes soldered together.Graham Moag (who runs the Club spares scheme) manufactures new radiators and therefore is likely to have the dimensions you need to make a new one. I wish you luck as it will be a painstaking process!

Many vintage Scotts have speedometers. The catalogue offered customers the Bonnisken but you will know that examples now often change hands at over £1500. Other contemporary makes come up for sale but often the drive mechanism is missing.This usually comprises a sprocket which attaches to the spokes of the front wheel and a small gear mounted on the forks or the wheel spindle which engages with the sprocket. Later Scotts had a Smiths Speedometer driven from a drive contained behind the front brake plate.

Welcome to the world of Scott Motorcycles! I hope that you will have a lasting and enjoyable relationship with your bike. I am not sure whether there are any other owners in Hong Kong so your bike might be a first.

Please feel free to ask more questions as you need to.