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Good to see this new site being used for what it is intended. In UK mechanical speedometer set ups of the late 1920s are expensive , about £1000 if you can find them. The WW2 ones are of a magnetic drive usually and if like some ( not me) you are looking to return everything to period it might take as they say ” some time”. There are Scotts in our club perfect. But as a member of about a year, no two seem alike. If ( and its just my opinion ) something better or even more modern can be used whilst searching for exact parts, then I do it. As an engineer the last part on a Scott I would make would be the radiator. Tubes have to be swaged a bit parallel at each and tinned and soldered in a bath in one hit. Graham Moag the club spares man has the experience and equipment to do it.There are others, but I bet you will have you hands full with the rest. I have other bikes but my knowledge of the vagaries of Scott two stroke twins is very limited. Best of luck. Keep using this site it will help it develop .