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The Website is not fully operational yet as it replaces one which was considered better. So contact to club officers has been held. I suspect that the Web will either return to what it was or be totally replaced. It can be used as it is but it is not as user friendly as it should be. You will find individual E Mail addresses in the Yowl . I am 80 and a relatively new member who like you can make and have made any mechanical part. Knowing what to make and how it works relies on the very experienced like Brian Marshall , Rodger Moss etc. I have just been on my first Scott rally with my 1929 600 cc Flier. No two bikes were the same and plenty of little mods appeared on several of the nearly 30 bikes there. One of my sons building a Scott special appeared on his 1924 Norton ( four stroke). I use this site in order to encourage others who might have been a bit disapointed with this new format and are so far not using it. I want like you experienced input. There are a couple of facebook pages with active inputs..