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Stuart Woods

Dear Phil

Sorry for the late reply, I have just returned from Shanghai and Suzhou and to top it all off I have sciatica so in a lot of pain and as my week consists of sitting in an average of 6 aeroplanes a week I’m in agony. Anyway hopefully I can get it sorted out before the bike arrives at the end of next month or I wont be able to keep to my schedule of a January finishing date, I may have to resort to lacing wheels on the flight to keep on schedule Haha.

I’m glad to hear that no two bikes are the same that will keep the rivet counters at bay and will save me time trying to find parts if I have several options that can be used. I am in the process of ordering 1400 brass tubes 7mm x 0.5mm x 75mm from a factory in China so that will save me a day on the circular saw cutting the then de-burring, so the radiator manufacturing is already in full swing even though I have no reference material to go by.