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Thank you Lewis for the response. I am 80. and not that computer savey. I am at work having a coffee. What I want is an easy initial, access which I have. I like to see the numbers viewing any post which I don’t have. Posting is not difficult, but picking it up again is not easy. Picking up past threads on a subject is not easy either. No club official appears to be connected and things like gallery and events are not used to any degree .Other useful sites are not now available The recent photos of the gathering are great but little else. Events must be constantly used and kept up to date. I have been a manager for many years and now revert to a machinist. However I think the way out of this problem ( it is not user friendly ) Is to pay some computer expert to review the site giving them a list of desired inclusions and changes. (Should really be free from whoever constructed this new site.) Once done you might find it easier to get a webmaster who should get a small retainer.I think we have to understand that new members want to be informed and feel free to ask questions, have access to club officers without having to follow long trails. If I had the ability with computers I would do it . I have given you my points and if you look at my posts been positive in that it should be used to find its weaknesses that are reducing its use . Ask your past users they will add other features they feel should be included.. Regards Phil