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Thank you for your appraisal of the web site use, however if you think many of the problems can only be described as “ user error” it must indicate that either the membership have suddenly become less computer savvy ( though in my case that would be difficult) or the site itself is unfriendly and non-intuitive. I am sure that like myself many members use the sites for other makes of vehicle and generally I find no trouble in navigating the ones I use.
I think all the membership applaud and appreciate the work done on behalf of the club by yourself and the officers of the club and I for one would gladly help if I had the skills required but alas I do not.
Unfortunately this does not help in making the website more usable for the members many of who I guess are ,like myself in the older part of life’s spectrum. I think Phil’s suggestion of employing a competent person to sort out the site is probably the way to go

Regards Derek