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richard tann

A reminder, we are looking forward to seeing those of you who have booked in for the Scott Owners Club Southern Rally on 9 – 11th August. Name badges for guests will be issued when you arrive. A copy of the programme is below and in August Yowl, please look again at the notes and check list. I have a local A-Z map, and can send a copy of the relevant page if you need it.
We were on site yesterday and there are road works in the area, mainly 4-way contractor’s traffic lights at the junction of Feldon Lane and London Road (A4251). Some of the contractor’s signage may give you the impression that Feldon Lane is closed, it is not. It’s the adjacent small turning “Meadow Way” which is closed, the signs are confusing.
Feldon Lodge has a clear signboard on Feldon Lane. You drive down to the Lodge via a narrow rural track, don’t be concerned, there are acres of turning space at the Lodge. We have a choice of hard standing or grass parking, depending on the weather, probably the former. For campers the toilet / wash / shower rooms are at the back of the sports hall.
We have two last-minute cancellations, one twin and one single room with catering, just on the chance you know anyone….!
I am happy to answer any questions you might have on the event.
Richard Tann
020 8953 5732 or 07836 678564