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The last time I had a box that was reluctant to come apart, I started by drilling two holes, 180 degrees apart, through the left-hand side of the case, in line with the outer journal of the layshaft ball bearing, about 1/4″ diameter, then heated up the case in the area with a hot air gun, and put a drift through one hole, and clouted the drift, then moved it to the other hole and clouted it again. As soon as it started to move I applied a moderate clout to the end of the mainshaft, not too hard for fear of knocking the mainshaft ball bearing through the end cover !!! Once the end cover parted company with the main shell I inserted a series of small oak wedges into the gap, and gently tapped them in to increase the gap, plus more taps to the drift to encourage the layshaft bearing to move out of its housing. It all did work without damaging anything and I put a 1/4″ Whitworth thread into the two holes and screwed in a couple of alloy plugs, also threaded 1/4″ Whit. Don’t forget to remove the long stud/bolt that the gear selector fork swings on before trying to do the above procedure…