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Glyn Chambers


I have a set of plungers which  come from a anti- clockwise    Pilgrim ,one is the same as your LH one its partner is nothing like your RH one or the one on your drawing so you or me (or both) could be wrong.Although the plungers have a face cam on the end it is wrong to call them “Face Cam Plungers” as these plungers should work against a peg at the front & the back of the pump body. True Face Cam plungers have a sharp “knib” on the end to work against end face cams on the side plates (pre 1939 pumps) which was made out of “Monkey Metal”.

Get in touch & tell me what you think,    In the fullness of time I could send them to you but we are in full “Lock Down” at the moment.Send no payment till you receive them if you want them. Payment these days in the UK is toilet rolls anyway at the moment.—- All the best——–Glyn Chambers.