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Edward Irving

Hi All

Your right Lewis, I did have the right forks and they were in good nick but the radiator was not, gold paint it later transpired!

Well I suppose before I get to unloading the bike and making a start the first thing I needed to do was come up with a plan. Should I stick with the idea of a modern and upgraded Scott, try to modernize it further. Should I leave it as it is just get it running and ride it for a bit or should I go the whole hog and restore it to its original state. I think it was Ernest Shackleton who said something like “achieving something is usually quite easy its deciding what to achieve that is hard”. I am note sure that applies to Scotts but I felt at the time like it applied to me.

I should also say I am not a stranger to bikes or at least 2stroke bikes, I have restored my share, I have tuned some two strokes and I have raced a few as well. I don’t / didn’t have a lot of experience with machine tools, at the time I didn’t have a lathe but I had a good workshop with the normal tools and a drill press, that sort of thing. (if it gets to hard or complex I would prefer to find a friendly expert)

It was a face book and another Scott enthusiast whos post guided me in the right direction, someone suggested that I obtained a copy of the original brochure for the 1929 Scott and that I got an idea of what the bike should have looked like. You can buy these from the National motorcycle museum or order them from Bruce Main-Smith & Company and I am sure before long we will have them on this website. Anyhow I opened the pages and suddenly there it was my bike or at least my bike as it had been (photo attached). Although at the time I hadn’t a lot of appreciation for what was involved in putting it back to original condition I made up my mind then and there that’s what needed to be done. The maroon was going to have to go!

Take care and keep safe everyone

Edward Irving


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