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Hi Edward

Your Scott look like a good starting point for just tidying up/repainting everything and of course doing what’s needs to be done to make it run well. Restoring to original would be a mammoth task, when so many major components has been exchanged in the past. It will look very nice if you give it a real “makeover”.

I was in about the same situation when I bought my 28 TT Rep, this without really knowing how it looked from the beginning. I decided to rebuild the bike to appear somewhat like it looked like, when I bought it, but to a much higher standard. This because I really liked the general look. Even without lengthy search for the missing original components, it has taken long time and it have cost me a bundle!

And yes, I wanted a challenge too. After many years with one cylinder, air cooled, four strokes, a two cylinder, water cooled, two stroke seemed to fit the bill!

I hope you enjoy your challenge!