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Edward Irving

Hi All

Firstly yes Lewis your absolutely right we have a copy of the sales catalogue on this website. It is a fantastic archive and the time which has been spent scanning is hugely appreciated.

Leif your right the route to an original restoration is a long and difficult path and I have to say I had no idea what I was / am letting myself in for.

So having decided that I wanted to restore BF8746 to its original condition my next task was to see what I had and then work out what I needed. This is the point it got scary, honestly I don’t think I have ever considered giving up on Scotts but I did consider on more than one occasion giving up on this bike. There have been times when i shut the shed door and gave up on the job for a week or two but every time I did I found myself reading this or that copy of Yowl and heading back out to tackle the next bit.

Every bike I have ever restored has had a manual, two in fact a parts book and a workshop manual but not the Scott. Yes there are parts books and yes there is the book of the Scott all of which are essential if you want to carry out a restoration but nothing like a step by step manual. I discovered the Technicalities, downloaded a copy, searched the web from top to bottom and pulled together every scrap of information I could find. The videos on you tube by Richard at Scott Parts are very helpful and a good watch. Then I had a break I went to my local Scott meet in London Colney and I found a wealth of information in the members that’s better than any manual.

I stripped the bike down and put aside all of the original parts, frame, forks, under tray, gear box, seat, the hubs and engine although these last two weren’t original I figured I would keep them as a start and finally the tank. I assume that my chances of getting an original tourer type tank were next to none. All this went off to a local vapour blasters “Boris Blasting in Wellingborough who did a great job and was then painted up. I painted the frame and the forks etc myself with several coats of normal automotive black paint but the tank needed to look really good so I took it to a friend of mine who runs a business called Illusion race paint near the village of Roade in Northamptonshire. He used to do all of my race fairings and he really is an expert.