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Yes, they really could make stamps and put them to good use in days gone by. Just look at a B&L hand oil pump. They even managed to stamp the B&L “mascot” on round surfaces. How on earth did they manage to do that properly?!

Webb forks, original or not, are a minefield for the hunter of a complete forks or parts. Sometimes the difference between forks fitted to different makes and model were very subtle. I guess that they were made to specification from the motorcycle maker. Even small differences in link length can make a great difference to the forks geometry, I have found our by experimenting with a wood mock-up. In my case trying to adopt WD Triumph forks to a Velocette. I was very surprised by the results myself! So if a Webb type forks, in otherwise good order, don’t perform as expected, try to compare all measures against another that’s known to be right for your model.

A lathe is a thing that you later think about; how did I manage without it before I got it?!

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