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This morning’s Telegraph supplement has an article on Captain Tom who describes himself in the Scott photo as being around 35 which would put the photo at 1950. He says “I’m sitting on a Scott which I rode several times for vintage motorcycle races and local competitions in Yorkshire. You were given a set route and a time in which to do it and you had to keep to it. If you did it properly, you arrived everywhere at the right time. Speed wasn’t the thing, it was timekeeping that was important. My motorcycle was owned by a man called Oliver Lampton. I was lent bicycles by people who knew that I was a possible winner”.

Is LamptonĀ  a typo for Langton?

Last night’s ITV programme on him showed a riding number of, I think 186 (possibly 183). It was obviously a big event – Banbury? The only people old enough to remember back to the 50s in Yorkshire are either Dennis Buckle or Maurice Rispin. Is it worth making Tom an honoury member?