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Edward Irving

Thanks Glyn and I hope everyone is keeping well

I next dismantled the clutch and I have to say it was in a bit of a state, very rusty with gunk and grease covering the whole thing. A good spray with gunk, a quick wash off and just a little heat and everything came apart. Now I don’t have a lot of experience with cork clutches in the past I have used the bonded type on my Yamaha race bike and when I was bantam racing we used steel on steel (different hardnesses) plates which meant you could slip the clutch going into a corner to maintain revs so you had plenty of power when you went to come out of the other side. Anyhow some of the cork simply fell out of the plates and the basket, some looked very shiny I suppose from friction and all of the metal plates had the tangs bent or dented. I decided not for the first time that if a job is worth doing its worth doing well an ordered a new basket, plates and springs from the spares scheme. These where the resin bonded type and when I received them I was very please to see how well made they are. The clutch went back together without a problem but similarly to the gear box I had to reassemble it about four times. I think it was a case of just doing things in the correct order. Now I am writing this its got me thinking about the old clutch. If anyone can point me in the direction of an article on clutch cork I would be glad to read it.

One or two final points on the clutch, the original seals where i guess made of felt dipped in tallow? and where not actually in bad condition. They where however quite badly misshaped so I ordered new clutch sealy made from modern materials from Richard at Scott Parts. They went in and finally I had a a clutch attached to the gearbox ready to go back into the bike. I also picked up an old set of box spanners on eBay for a few pounds that allowed me to tighten the bolt which retains the clutch onto the main shaft.

Next job was to get the wheels back in the frame and have a rolling chassis

Keep safe everyone