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Stan Thomas

Hi Maurice,

As you say “there is no obvious play in the linkages” might be a clue to your problem – so first question – does grease easily extrude from between the forks and their linkages?

If not, there are four spindles passing through the fork links with two thrust washers either side. Check that at these can be just turned by hand – if not, the forks will have a stiff and “jerky” motion. (but they are difficult to adjust to get just right)!

Now!  Has anyone changed the main spring??

Known only to 3.74% of motorcyclists, they have different rates, dependant upon the weight of the machine.  If your forks seem “solid” you could have too higher rate spring fitted.

However, the problem is not steering head bearings – but as Phil says, it could be greasy friction disks creating a greater initial force required to overcome the  “sticktion” (i.e. the initial movement from static  inherent with this type of damping design).