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Stan Thomas

This is turning into quite some debate Martin!!

You are right that teles give a smother ride, principally because the damping medium (oil) provides a far higher restitutional capability than a friction damper, which requires a greater¬† force to start it moving than once that is achieved – hence friction dampers have a far greater degree of “jerkyness” in operation by comparison.

Also, a further factor is the ratio of the unsprung mass (front wheel and movable portion of the forks) to the to sprung weight (that portion of the rest of the bike acting as a downward force on the front wheel), which in a girder fork set up is higher.

Simply put, it is the ability of the forks to respond to road surface irregularities whilst also controling the rebound characteristics of the suspension medium Рwhich is better for teles than girders as you say.  Its called the co-efficient of restitution.

Now, about the Parker sun probe. …………………..



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