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Stan Thomas

Hi Maurice,

Just to confuse the issue further (sorry mate) but the amount of oil in teles is most critical because the air-space left in the tubes acts as a “spring” when compressed by fork movement – so you must always seek the manufacturer’s specification!! (note) there is no factory info for Birmingham Scott Dowty “Holder conversion-to-springs” teles, which required some considerable trial but simple modification to get them just right when I overhauled mine a few years ago.

However, returning to your forks – as I say adjusting the links is quite tricky to get just right, but keep persiveering – did the grease flow through the links O.K. as thats a good sign they are not clamped up too tight?

That said, where about are you, as actually checking and adjusting the links for you  would probably be quicker than trying to explain.