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Glyn Chambers

The main reason for spitting back was written up by Bob Brougham in YOWL Vol 24/6 (Oct 05) page 202,please read it.What happens is that on low compresson engines with a single exhaust port the hot flames from one cyl track into the other cyl and a baffle is needed (see Bobs drawings).I did the mod on one of my engines and it utterly transformed it.
“Rickardo” (yes him of 4 valve fame) wrote about this before W War 1 & said that the exhaust ports of multi cyl 2 strokes must be kept well away from each other.After WW2 Rickardo produced the worlds most powerful aircraft piston engine —-a 2 stroke ! —
but it was too late as we were into the “Jet age” POTTY.