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Yes, I noticed the mascot on the Reverend Hodgkins photo too.   And unfortunately it does look more like a teddy bear than a squirrel   The Scott so adorned is AK18 which was Alfred’s machine.  A few thoughts on this…the Reverend took several photos with children (his own ?) playing on his various bikes in the field next to his house in Whittingham, with a particularly charming one of a young person (could be a boy or girl) sitting next to his clearly new 1910 Scott T503.  Perhaps one of the children donated the mascot ?

There are two photos of AK18 and BR16 with competition numbers (32) and (33) at this time.  The very high quality Hodgkin photo referred to above of two immaculate and shiny touring Scotts showing the mascot on AK18 and titled as being at Heysham Harbour awaiting the IOM ferry.  The other photo (Made to Limit Gauge ‘A’ 35) is described as the 1911 ACU 6 Days Trial in Carlisle with Frank Philip beside AK18 and Kit Parker of Kendal beside BR16.   An evening browsing the internet shows there was no 1911 6 Days Trial in Carlisle – it was in Harrogate and Alfred was involved as a course official on the route.   I cannot find a programme for the event on-line though.

Perhaps the Rev Hodgkin rode over to Harrogate ?   Perhaps he put (his son/daughters ?) mascot on Alfred’s machine just for the photo ?  Or perhaps it was Alfred’s or Frank’s soft toy all along ?

More research required – and underway !