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dave bushell

One of my abiding memories was the sign on the wall behind the counter. –  NO TIME TO TALK.  I also remember the rather random hours that he kept. Despite having phoned and if my Scott, my sole means of transport, wasn’t running, I would spend about two hours on various buses and trains to get to Sutton Common Station only to find the shop closed and no sign of him in his workshop. Had to go home empty handed.

When he finally shut up shop and it was taken over by a second hand car dealer, the back garden was littered with Scott frames for the taking. I think that he ended up living with his brother in Brixton or Streatham in South London. I remember being contacted by someone from Motorcycle or Motorcycling who were trying to trace him. Somehow, and I can’t remember how, I got a message to him and a few days later he phoned me and I passed on the Motorcycle or Motorcycling contact details. I never heard from him again.

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