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That’s great to here, my dad was very meticulous, he recorder huge amounts of detail that I didn’t have time to include in the book, like:

Recorded statistics

Distances: Mileage leaving Edinburgh 4,440.  Edinburgh to London was 431 miles on average. Mileage arriving back in Edinburgh 7,83.  Projected European mileage 2,189 ¾, but actual mileage 2,218 1/8

Repairs: Tyre 2/20, Mudguard and support 12/6’s, Speeding Fine 9/0’s, Tools 6/6’s and Others 4/0’s

Passes: In total, they rode 17 passes, the larger being Stelvio (9,042), Umbrail (8,241), Funka (7,990) and the smallest a mere 1,818 at Lueg.

He also recorded daily expenditure, mileage, height of every pass they rode and cross referenced pictures to various albums etc.  75% of the pics were too poor to include !

Enjoy the last 44 pages.

Rgds  Neil