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Thanks Peter. That gives me hope then. I have fitted a number 3 slide with 6 needle and a larger than usual but unstamped 106 nozzle on clip 3 with 3/4 turns out of the air screw with a 170 main. I did have a number 4 slide and a 190 main and a genuine 106 nozzle so I have made the whole thing have less air and more petrol at the crucial point hopefully. Getting rid of the gauzes is my aim but maybe this should be accompanied by work on the brakes too.

I have been busy stripping the threads on the cylinder head bolts on my YR5 Yamaha so test ride number 76 on the Scott has had to wait. Incidentally I have had a drive chain break and a mag chain roll off the sprocket and plugs go all wierd on me during my sojourns and this has prepared me well because my spares and tools have taken on a new exacting life and I have yet to be unable to get home. That will doubtless change though. In fact I was able to catch up accidentally with friends who I was unable to see whilst at the roadside only for them to reassure me that they thought it was going to be me anyway.