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Hi Martin. Very useful thank you. I had read that it also operates as a cut out and I thought this was a necessary function of the decompressors somehow but I have a separate cut out button on the bars so I am assuming I just need a normal lever then. I read about the peg and was wondering if this was used to hold the pressured decompression lever owing to the number of arms I possess.  Some of the literature that Lewis put me onto has you holding your hand over the carb intake and somehow doing other things whilst holding the bike because you shouldn’t start it on the stand.

The picture is building and basically, a word oft used mistakenly, both valves are sprung so that they are always closed and operating the lever presses the valves in against the springs and decompresses the engine. Once I get the bits it will make sense. Still looking for the springs and ends of the decompressor valves if they are around though as mine were full of sh=== and I don’t want to mess with them if I have to.