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Thanks Richard and I will visit Barnet when I have been through a few more things. As for the different spring length Dave, well that might explain it. My steering races on the frame measure 8 inches ball to ball and the suspension part on the forks measures 10 1/2 inches button to button. The fat part of the suspension is 6 1/4 inches and I have a loose main spring that measures just over 6 1/2 inches which is quite bouncy. If you stick that spring into the fat part of the shock absorber I can’t imagine there would be much room for any springing of any sort and my own bike is pretty solid an affair.

How do these dimensions compare with yours Dave or others folk’s please?

How long are the mainsprings and is there a choice. Mine should be around 6 inches me thinks to offer any degree of bounce.

Thanks. Will.