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I could find Ensign Universal 3.00 x 20″. Avon 3,50 x 21 is not that often usual as well. Anyway, looks like Ensign could be the right option. As I know, some people use 19″ instead of 20, but I also think the 3 x 20″ looks just perfect on the bike and has correct late 20″s light look.

I was thinking if it would be easier to find 3.00 x 21″ which could be better option than 19″, but as I can see, it’s similar problem as with 3.oo x 20″. There could be option to use Avon AM26 road rider MkII, but I don’t like it on vintage period bike. So Ensign 3 x 20″ rear will be perfect, with speedmaster at front.

Thanks, all the best, Martin

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