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Also if I could just get the thing to start it would be a bonus, its fitted with an aftermarket coil conversion which is sparking although I have had to remove it and it no longer has horrible bodged wiring, while was there I’ve accurately  found Top Dead Centre and marked it on the flywheel along  with  1/4″ and 5/16″ before TDC. Its relatively easy to set the timing now although its still refusing to start.
Its got some rather odd spark plugs fitted with triple points around the central electrode, I’ve never heard of a Binks M3 plug before, it does look a bit short reach but I’ve fitted some NGK B6ES with adaptors for now and they are actually the same installed length.
The carbs all nice and clean although it drips a bit but that’s probably down to flooding it and it not starting !
It seems to have decent primary & secondary compression too.
I’ll persevere a bit more but I’ll be taking it to bits soon, well its in a queue and it pushed in front, its about to go to the naughty corner while I finish a Guzzi that’s sat on the bench neglected