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Dear Potty,

I did a short ride today, first few meters the bike was pulling too much on ride side, so I had to make a correction and it was ok. Of course, it’s all so different, but I’m slowly getting use to it. Lean out of the sidecar is fixed, so I did a lean out of the bike approximately 1″, right courves are ok, left once bit harder, but I think it just need time. Also was bit different as I rather had a empty sidecar, I was too scared to take a pasanger for first kilometers.

I’m not sure how are the gears of the box, I just found some old photos in my computer af some stamping of the box, on the cover is stamped 3776CM, on the bottom K628, I don’t know if there is some code how to read how are the gears (in case they weren’t changed). I also found some photos of the internals, in case it’s visible difference of the wheels.

Bike is 600 ccm, originaly it was short stroke, but as I couln’t find short stroke barrels and got long stroke once with bike, it’s remade to long stroke engine with 4 ports. My girlfriend as bit less than 50 kg and the wedding is in a bit hilly area, 17 is really too slow, my friend went behind me with BMW R12 and said to me we went about 40 km/h (I don’t have speedo). So 19 could be ok? I will see what other sprocket Pavel Simek has, so most probably I’ll try what’s available or try to buy the plate and reweld the teeth.

Many thanks for all advices, all the best,


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