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neil levings

Thanks Roger …and particaular thanks to Steve Bowles for all his hard work and unsung effort.

Yes we must enbrace new technology..and harness it for the good of all.

We all know that a soon as we buy a Scott the search is on for technicalities- it is the bible of scotts – and I know even seasoned Scott restorers who need to refer to it!

How about this then as a suggestion….

The scanning idea is a good one and potentailly the only really viable way to repro Technicalities…but we need access to a commercial scanner which will repro exactly what it “sees” without any blacking out etc- indeed even poor originals can be enhanced if necessary.

This is the ideal solution – as then the scanned material can be put onto CD or printed off for those without a PC…or who prefer a workshop style printed version.

How to fund this??

Well unless I read the accounts wrongly there does appear to be cash in the bank which could fund this essential expenditure.

If you or ANO will let me know how many pages of A4 are involved I will obtain quotes from say 2/3 local asrtwork studios and submit them to t’ committee for consideration/approval.

I am willing to project manage this process – but only if there is the goodwill of the club and the support of the Management Team to do it.

I do not want to find myself being barracked etc…as can sadly happen in this Club!!!!!

What do u /all think?

Let me know

01789 550621

PS of course if anyone has access to a professional scanner then 😆 😆 I will bow out!!!