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David Sheppard

Hi All,
I’ve followed the various discussions regarding this topic on the bulletin board with interest over the last few months and would be very interested in acquiring Technicalities in an electronic format, be it DVD or CD.

Being new to Scotts and having recently started the restoration of a ’29 Flyer basket case I was clearly (and still am!) in need of as much technical info. as possible.

I have, however, recently gone down a more basic route to acquire a hard copy myself and share my solution with you for what it’s worth and for any possible comments.

I was recently fortunate enough to be able to borrow an original set of Technicalities (thanks David!) and being a simple soul I merely photocopied it (doing a second copy for another member of the Eastern Section at the same time).

This was not a quick job! Even using a modern fairly high capacity digital copier with sheet feed and double sided copying facilities it is fair to say that it took several hours to complete. Certainly some (but it really wasn’t that many) of the photographs were not reproduced well enough to be of much use.

However, since completing this photocopying exercise I have spoken to a printer I use in my professional life and they have quoted the sum of £483.00 plus VAT to produce 10 photocopied sets. For this price they would produce Technicalities on A4 paper and each set would be “drilled” to enable it’s insertion in a lever arch file etc. (The latter is not included in the cost).

You don’t need to be Einstein to work out that this equates to £56.75 per copy inc. VAT for a not-quite-perfect version and carriage costs would also be on top of this.

Please do bear in mind, however, that I have not approached any other printers to get competitive quotes.

On the face of it, this is clearly quite an expensive way forward but I felt that some members may appreciate an alternate quick solution whilst the electronic option is explored in greater detail.

If sufficient members were interested at this sort of cost I could be persuaded to facilitate this exercise providing I’m not stepping on any offical club toes! If I am – I guess I’ll be told soon enough!

If this process was to proceed I would also need the loan of the best possible original set as the set I borrowed had a couple of pages missing.

Regards to all,