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Shaun Matthews

Sorry in advance if I offend but the point of this exercise should be to capture the knowledge that the older members of the club have accumulatd over the years. – Its the new and prospective members who primaraly need access to the info – they are the ones restoring, recommissioning, blowing bikes up and generally depleting the spares stock through use coupled with lack of expertise, the old salts have the skills, the sorted machiney and yet , increasingly use the bikes less and less as time marches on.

So what if only 10% have access to the electronic version, next year it will be 20%, then 30 and this will continue to increase as the membership naturaly churns. To not do this because the majority neither have a need for, or access to the information is folly – If one of the club’s aims is to preserve these fine machines and keep them on the road then its a no brainer – we must do it – the only question should be how.

This debate runs the risk of getting as stupid as the VMCC’s recent policy of not advertising gatherings to ‘stop the modern bikes and hangers on spoiling things’. – The only way to preserve the marque (and all the other old bikes) is to get them used and cared for by a new band of enthusiasts. This can be helped no end by publishing the knowledge rather than petty squabbles about the club constitution and voting mechanics.

I use the old bikes at every opportunity taking them to modern motorcycle gatherings and thrash them mercilessly round the North Welsh roads, regularly surprising riders of japaneses crotch rockets, more often than not they are interestd by the bikes but openly admit that they won’t own one because of perceived frailty, lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown.

I would offer to do it but my lame appology is that with comitments to my job, family and bikes I just don’t have the time to support the club more, I will do in a few years time, as will many others who write in this message board, all I ask in the meanwhile is please put it in good order for us.