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neil levings

Hi All you Scotters interested in Technicalities…..

I have now obtained a reasonably up to date copy of T’s.

For those who are waiting for a copy I HAVE A QUICK FIX SOLUTION!!!!!

I can have 15 top quality hard copies made at a cost of £25 each plus p&p.

I had “mine” neatly spiral bound as 3 volumes – with a clear perspex cover – and hard back for an extra £6.

I am still pursuing the Scanning/CD route – but this seems to me a good low cost short term solution.

I can have the copies made and ask Gill Swan to “sell” them via the Spares Scheme – if there is a demand.

What does this Forum think?

Incidentally the Book of the Scott is included in the copies.

I have already found my copy useful and very interesting – but over to the Club for a response!!

Will respond with the CD cost in due course.


Neil Levings