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neil levings

Hi All

Technicalities on to CD…..the saga continues…but with positive news….

I have now obtained 3 quotes – and quite a few ” u must be joking mate”!!

Anyway the best (in terms of time and willingness) and the cheapest quote is £850 to scan plus upto £50 to Burn off 20 CDs ( the amount of memory might need 2 CDs).

This is a local reliable studio/printer here in Stratford on Avon.

The work would take about 4 weeks – with the info being saved in jpeg format.

I did ask about Acrobat formatting but this is really a lot more complex and potentially up to 3x the jpeg cost – simply because of time to name each page – also the memory used is significantly more – sorry u teccys but I go all glassy eyed when the jargon goes beyond the basics!!

Anyway if my Maths are right this works out at £45 plus VAT per CD or 20 off – but obviously the price cascades downwards the more copies are burned off.ie 40 CDs would cost £22.50 plus VAT and so on….

The Club might decide to add aprofit margin – I am not sure how this works.

If the club decides to go ahead I am happy to project manage the production.

I suggest that the spares scheme is the access route – but this needs to be agreed with Gill Swan.

If we can decide pronto then we should be OK for sales at the Sept Gathering.

Just give me the word and I will pounce into action like an Olympic Judo competitor and pin this project to the floor!!!!!!!!!!

Of course the photocopy route is also available as a stand alone solution – or in tandem with the CD.

Over to u guys!!!


Neil Levings

PS am moving house next week – and so may not be contactable via the web for a few days – say 13-18th July

Call my mobile 07769834040 or new land line 01789 298440 from 13th.