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Martin Heckscher

Hi Jeff,

I’ve just returned from the Manx with my TT Rep so this is a late response to your query about 3 jet Binks carbs.

I’ve only had this bike since last November and the 3 jet Binks has been a revelation. It is smooth, picks up beautifully, and the bike goes exceptionally well on it. I don’t need to juggle with the air lever at all. It is slightly fussy about starting: anymore than 1/2 choke and it doesn’t want to know.

I claim no credit for any of this. It had been beautifully set up by the previous owner. So the real purpose of this posting is to say that it is definitely worth persevering! My bike came with lots of paperwork including some corrrespondence from Jim Best (I think) answering some particular queries about the carb. He may be a good man to consult.

Good luck!
Martin Heckscher