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bob trickett

In reply to Stan & Roger.
I phoned John Underhill to see if it would be OK for me to take some spares to the rally, I myself would not have been manning the table as I did not wish to cause any trouble at the rally “which would have happend if certain people had been at the rally as well”, Mr Underhill phoned me back on the evening of Saturday the 4th of September to tell me that he had spoken to a number of other club officials & they had decided that they did not wish me to sell any of my spares at the rally, I therefore decided not to take any spares “I assumed that I would need permission from the owners club to do so” I also did not wish to cause any trouble at the rally as this might have spoilt things for many of the Scott enthusiasts who go there purely to enjoy Scotts.
I used the word “ADVISED” as I believe this word is more polite than saying that I had been WARNED OFF & TOLD not to come to the rally.
I hope this clears things up a bit.
All the best.