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Stan Thomas

Assuming The Club cannot help, let me know how far you are from me, and I’ll see if I can arrange to either lend you my copy or pohotocopy etc.

Ring me on 01785 713862

Roger – sorry to be a damp sqib, but I fear BMS might not want to publish “technicalities” as it is a collection of anecdotes and info from diverse sources, and may not be totally accurate as such.

It is therefore O.K. as an in-house document, but not sufficently accurate as a commercial publication.

Sadly in this litigation consious society we could be at risk if the document is published to the world at large, so I feel it might be legally prudent to keep it for S.O.C. Members only.

I suggest you raise at the Spares Sceme meeting – but remember, this is NOT my personal view, just my reaction to the world we now live in.