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Colin Hough


Great news!!!!

As a member of the SOC with very little technical knowledge but a copy of the Technicalities (and Book of the Scott), I have found them very useful (even with all of their contradictory info – it just gives a longer time reading and thinking about what to do), I congratuate you on making these available to new comers.

I recommend anyone without them to get the CD – I had planned to offer this service once I had retired, but am too busy with work to do it before then.

I recommend anyone with an internet connection who reads Steven’s post to pass it on to those who are not in the internat age (many years ago I had a secretary, now I don’t, but I do have a laptop, email address, mobile phone and answering machine!!!).

As an Ozzie in the London area, I am glad to hear that you guys back of Woop Woop have got your finger out and done us all a service.

All the very best,