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Colin Hough


Great news that you are getting the email list together – I would suggest adding the location/town so people can identify those near to them.

I’m not sure if everyone can read Excel spreadsheets as that software tends to come with Microsoft Office and many home computers only have Microsoft Works (or Apple). However, conversion to .pdf would mean everyone can read them as the reader software is free. If you do not have the software to convert from Excel to .pdf (Adobe Acrobat), I can do this via my office laptop as they give me the software.

Concerning addresses etc, I am surprised that we (the SOC that is) do not publish the full addresses. I know that a few new members have asked for this as an aide to contacting local members, but the general feeling is that this is a security risk these days. Interestingly, when I first joined the SOC in 1967, my name and address was published in Yowl as being a new member (along with all the other new members). Hence this is a change from the ‘good old days’. Also, my wife belongs to a couple of organisations for foreigners in London (expat Ozzies and the Petroleum Wives Club) and they both publish a full list of members addresses to help them get to meet other local members. Any thoughts about this for the SOC?