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Trevor Scott

I am not developing a holier than thou attitude, I just was simply stating that I have met nothing but “Gentlemen” through the scott owners club & it would be nice to know where your scott neighbours were.
I feel that if everyone develops an instant distrust in the world it would be a sad place to live. I take people as I find them & I admittedly have been dissapointed a few times but on the hole I find you reap what you sow.
I dont necessarly mean publishing the members contact details on the web but it may be a consideration to send out a list yearly with the “yowl” magazine to enable members living near each other to make contact.
you have scott meetings in different areas on the mainland but as far as I am aware there are no meetings in northern Ireland & I only know of two other people here who belong to the Scott owners club (one of them being my dad) but I would guess there must be 40/50 members.
I appreciate there are criminals about who’s only desire is to steal but I dont think many belong to “the scott owners club”
if you want to remain annonymous in the club thats your choice or indeed any other members choice but my reason for joining the “scott owners club “was to meet other members !
sorry if I offend you but it was not meant in that context, I was just comparing what I found to be helpful in another club which I am a member of !