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Rod Norris

“its a sad distrusting world we live in & you all should be ashamed of conforming to modern distrust “
Those were the words you used in your comments and I don’t think anyone on this site has published anything to be ashamed of.

I am also a member of the Ariel owners Club and we are aware how many read the magazine and write in about articles and make criticism or comment and aren’t even members. They could work at the printers, read a fathers copy or work colleague and in an attempt to promote any club the wider the audience the better. Although its a bit cheeky to pass comment when they haven’t actually joined.
The point I am trying to put is that by publishing people’s names they reach a wider audience than the membership. Copies of Yowl have been on sale on eBay for several weeks now. There are organisations out there paying to get hold of databases, most for marketing purposes, a few with ulterior motives. If members are asked to volunteer their information to be published in a magazine then there is no problem, but it has to be with that person’s consent. My details are not subject to the democracy of this club or any club. Whilst the data protection is more relaxed on Clubs than companies, I do think they would deem it permissable either.
I wish you well in meeting more Scott owners in Northern Ireland or anywhere but perhaps a note in the local paper about a meeting of Scott lovers could be arranged that would help you to achieve your goals. 😆