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Trevor Scott

yes Rod & they could go to your organised scott run & take down the registration of every motorcycle there & through a friend in the DVLA, police, traffic warden, ambulance service, any civil servants dealing with all forms of car crime,etc etc etc have the name & address of every scott owner there within 10 minutes. or they could follow you home from it ! its that simple ! but its all “what If’s”
talk to any insurance man they will tell you if a criminal wants to break into your house, steal your bike,steal your car etc etc he will do it ! all we can do is make it as akward as possible for him…….. but if he is determined to steal it, he will !
I honestly wish I had never put a reply on this site to this post as you are obviously paranoid about giving out your name & address…….. everybody is entitled to their opinion mine was that the advantages of having each others addresses would outweigh the negatives. ok I said what I felt at the time & maybe I should have been more selective in my wording but I felt the posts were going off on a tangent to the original statement & digging up issues that were based on paranoia about distrust & being robbed !
I have six scotts (sorry my father & I have) & anyone is welcome to come & view our bikes at any time, or any of the other 28 bikes that we have, yourself included, they are there to be enjoyed & if anyone takes pleasure in looking at them I will make them more than welcome.
sorry if I have offended anyone with my post it was not intended but as I have stated before, in all my dealings with people in the scott club I have found them to be nothing but “gentlemen” rodger moss, gill swann, etc etc & I do not feel any cause to be alarmed about giving out my contact details to any of them but as I stress “that is MY opinion”, in fact I would go as far as to say that classic bike enthusiasts in general are nothing but gentlemen & I have never been offended by any, or given offence knowingly to anyone !
I dont want to discuss it with you anymore I have expressed my pro opinion, you have expressed your negative opinion let the powers that be decide, I personally hope that all who are infavour of it, get access to each others details, as the bottom line is “the scott owners clubs purpose is to bring scott owners together & help each other to keep the scott name alive & as many scotts on the road as possible”
I take your point about organising a scott run in Ireland & I think it might be best advertised in Yowl as it could be a good event & perhaps some of the members on the mainland could come across & make a weekend of it & enjoy some Irish hospitality. I may be naive as there could be such a run in place but I am unaware of it at present. if you came over we would promise not to take a wheel off your scott as the Ireland rugby team did with your chariot yesterday (joke!)
here endeth the “holier than thou attitude” as you put it, in future I will keep my thoughts to myself !