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David J Waring

How interesting !
I look forward to seeing your recordings.
Some time ago I was put in touch with a niece of Alfred Scott , who remembered riding with him in his “crab” – the recollections were published in Yowl.
I am currently in contact with a chap who has fond memories of his late father’s stories of being an apprentice under Alfred , which I hope to submit to Yowl.
Recording these links with the past is important , which hopefully will give a further incentive to attract new members into a club with a proud lineage , whilst still seeking the all important means to look forward and not stagnate , in other words looking positively to the future by keeping our marque alive & on the road (and maybe race track) , in particular , through Technicalities and the Spares Scheme , not to mention the personal advice from individuals , especially your Dad & others , willing to share their knowledge.
Keep up the good work,
David J Waring
SOC NW Secretary.