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Hi Paul!
The best supplier in my mind is Coker Tire in USA. I have used Coker tyres for vintage cars and bikes since 1973, and can vouch for their good quality. Their tyres are full-size (premium) tyres.

You reach Coker Tire at http://www.coker.com, and push the motorcycle tyre button. They have two suitable sizes, but it seems that their 3.00×20 is the most suitable:

3.00×20 Coker Classic Front Item #17080 $77
3.00×20 Coker Classic Rear Item #16542 $80

3.50×20 Simplex Cycle Tire Item #16907 $103

For both sizes they recommend 17″-22″ rimstrip Item #18378 – and
for 3.00×20 they recommend their tube #16623: 2.50/2.75-19 TR6 Metal stem valve.
For 3.50×20 they recommend a slightly larger tube, normally used for 21″ tyres and for 28×3 Clincher tyres.

Best regards, Carl