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Brian Petheram

Thanks Brian
It was me asking before and your previous helpful response was the main reason I didn’t risk the £85 the guy was asking without checking here first. I was hoping the actual codes would prompt a reply. My Amac literature has the code and drawing for the special Douglas Amac they made for the 2 3/4 (and I have a Duggie 23/4 with such an Amac) but the only reference I have to Scotts and Amacs is in Radco’s vintage motorcycle workshop which gives a short undated list of 2 stroke recommendations on page 129 and for Scott it merely says “T15 HY sports jet 31”. I’m sure if they made a special for Douglas they would do it for Scott.
I’m sure you’re right but does anyone have a Super with an Amac that hasn’t had the codes polished off? They are usually stamped at the base of the mixing chamber. There seems to be a complete dearth of information on vintage Scott carbs.