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Stan Thomas

It was indeed “Lofty” Avis, the dyen of the Scott Marque, who sadly died just a few years ago.

Is system was “Loftylube” (or “Avisoil”) and consisted of the (correct)theory that the then oils of the time did not necessaryy mix immediately with petrol.

What Loftylube” did in principle was pumy as much oil as the dear old Pilgrim could deliver (set one in one) feeding both cylinders, and the other side of the Pilgrim scavenged the oil from the crankcase reservoirs via non-return valves – the engine in the meantime consuming what it needed etc.

And the system worked, no smoke and no seizures.

I used to follow lofty up the A41 to the I.O.M on a Dommie, and could not keep up!

Happy days!

Stan Thomas.