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Martin Heckscher

Thanks Rod,

A little like you, I have been commuting into London on a “modern” for over 35 years, and you get to sense what cars are going to do almost before they know themselves. But I was on a rural A road when this car came flying out of a side road without stopping and at point blank range. I wouldn’t have had a chance with modern brakes let alone on the Rep.

To be honest I was fantastically lucky to get away with banged up, but not broken, knees, and a radius broken in 7 places. The bike wasn’t so lucky. I’ll claim off the other driver’s insurance but apart from my intention to make it right again, I’ll wait for the all clear on the insurance front before making firm plans. It should be possible to salvage the engine, gearbox, mag and carb. Just about everything else is broken or bent.

Thanks again for your support.